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Welcome to Samantha Davis Make Up Blog. My core belief is that every person is born beautiful…

Everyone deserves a fair chance to feel confident and free to express themselves
through personal grooming and make up hacks. I thus bring to you some easy DIY tips and the art of beauty and makeup that you can follow in your day-to-day lives. Besides this I keep posting quizzes, contests, free giveaways, invite local industry experts to talk about the last in fashion, make up and art.

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The Little Glam Book of Make Up Art

As a beauty and make up enthusiast I want to help everyone around the globe find the most efficient and skin friendly beauty products and tips. While I know you can find everything at the tap of a button, I even know how overwhelming all that information can be. And then the question of credibility?

So, worry no further and read on my Little Glam Book Of Make Up & Art. I have compiled and curated a comprehensive list of references and reviews of global brands and make up resources. You will also find some handy beauty tips for quick use.