Month: October 2021

Different Materials Used In Nail Drill Bits

Trends in nail art are very popular these days. With stylish nail art, you can give your nails a chic look and enhance your overall appearance. Nail artists use high-quality nail drills to shave off the undesired layers and products from your nails. Nail drill bits come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials so that you can get an amazing start to your nail art.

Here are some materials which are used for nail drills:

Sanding band – These are basically made up of rubber or metal. All you have to do is just slip the mandrel top into a good-quality sanding band. As these bands are not disinfectant so you will have to change them after each client. These are suitable for one-time use only. These bands are most commonly used in surface work, pedicures and removing gels, etc. You can get them in a number of grits like coarse, fine, and medium.

Diamond bits – These are the hardest bits available. These bits can be derived from synthetic as well as natural means. As these bits are used for the procedure of scratching off the built-up products, they are supposed to create a larger amount of dust as compared to the other drill bits. This is the reason why they produce more heat too. You can easily disinfect these as they won’t rust.

Ceramic bits – These bits can be said as the most durable ones. These bits don’t get heated up faster like the other drills. Also, these ceramic bits can be sterilized as well as cleaned thoroughly making it a sustainable product.